Welcome to our new place!

It is nice to start something new, it is also nice to develop something that you started before. We are moving house, we are moving our office and we are moving our school. Things will change.

I am probably going to miss:

– the neighbor who played with Mila, who visited us and who helped us with whatever got broken in our house;

– the neighbor who supplied us with fresh tomatoes, passing them through our kitchen window while we were having breakfast;

– the 6 min. to the station;

– the concrete parking place in front of the house, so good for playing with ball or riding a mini scooter.

But other good things are coming:

– a lot of space for us and for the guests;

– a new big table to put all the books on;

– genkan where more than one person can fit

– a small garden.

Please come and check them all out!


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