How to reach SOLA (by bicycle / walking)?

From the Takarazuka JR station, go to Unibell (ユ二ベール) shopping center. Take the escalator to the ground floor and go out on the other side of the building. Cross the street, go a bit to the left (in the direction of a small shrine) and then to the right, up the hill on the right side of the shrine (this is the biggest hill you will have to climb). There is a small playground with an elephant slide (ぞうさん公園) at the end of the hill. Turn there to the left. Walk along the street and pass three houses. There will be a small asphalt path on the right hand side. Follow it for some 30 m until you see a narrow path (so narrow that only one bicycle can fit in) in front of you. Enter it, go straight on until it gets wide again. Pass another 30 m and it will become narrow again. Pass it again and go straight on. You will pass some houses, rice fields and a mini open library (さんしょぶんこ). When the street is over, just go ahead (if you are on a bicycle, it is better to get off now for a moment) and enter the narrow path. It says (in Japanese) “dead end” but don’t worry. When it gets a bit wider, you will have to turn to the right (there’s no other option, by the
way) and you will walk along a small river. After some 10 m of following the river, this small street will be over, and you should turn to the left. You will immediately cross the river, climb up a hill, go down the hill and the street will be over. Turn to the right, cross the street – our house is right on the corner, opposite to a shop with vending machines in front of it.
All this should take around 12 minutes.


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