How to reach SOLA by car?

From the JR / Hankyu Takarazuka station: Go the main road between the two train stations (Road 176) in the Sanda direction (North-West). Take the first turn right (it`s around 100 m after the JR station). You will immediately cross the JR line. Follow the main road for about 800 min. The road goes up and turns a bit but just follow the main road. There will be a takoyaki shop on the right, a nursery on the left, then you will cross a small river.
At some point there will be some trees growing along the road. When you pass them, look for vending machines and a tobacco shop on the right. The house is just opposite to it, on the left side of the street, right on the corner (the street bends there a bit).

There is one parking place just next to the house (please be careful when parking; because of the curve it is a bit difficult to see other cars coming). If the space is already filled up, you can park 2 or 3 cars in front of the house, along the street (from the main road, turn to the left and park somewhere near the gomi station).

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