Do you want to make a collage / コラージュを作りませんか?

Do you have any special plans, goals, ideas for 2012? Honestly, I am still in the process of formulating mine. What would you say about putting these New Year resolutions on paper?
During this ochakai we are going to have with us Yumiko-san, a friend from Takarazuka who will guide us in the process of making a New Year resolution collage – a very special one, since you can make it together with your child. Please bring scissors, glue and some magazines and catalogs (especially ones that you like; if you have any). If your child is too young for collages, he / she can draw while you are making your collage.

If you are not too much into collaging yourself, you can also come to the tea time and just have your drink while chatting and watching the craft makers. Whichever way, I am looking forward to meeting many parents and children.

お正月気分から、だんだん通常の日々に戻ってきていることと思います。皆さんは新年の抱負をたてましたでしょうか?という私はまだ考え中です。まだの方も、もう決めた方も、雑誌などからコラージュを作って今年の目標や夢を見つけて、作品にしませんか?? コラージュとはフランス語で切って貼るという意味です。気に入った写真やイラストなどを画用紙に貼りつけます。お子さんと一緒に切り貼りしたり、絵を描いてもらって一枚の作品でもいいし、別々の作品を作ってもOKです。作品が出来上がったら、みんなでシェアしましょう。コラージュに興味がない方は、お茶とおしゃべりを楽しんで下さい!!

Place / 場所: Joyful Space, Takarazuka Lutheran Church, Takarazuka, Kawamo 3-23-8, 3 min. from JR and Hankyu Takarazuka.

Time / 日にち: 2011.01.21 (Sat./土), 4.00-5.30 p.m.
Fee: adults 200 yen, children and members of Kansai Parents – free. If you want to make the collage, please bring also fee for the instructor (300-500 yen per family, depending on you).
参加費:大人200円、子供とKansai Parents のメンバ無料。コラージュのワークショップ:300円/家族。

Contact person: Malgosia Murao, or 090 1951 6894.

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