Let’s talk about holidays.

We had another ‘English with Kids’ session today. We talked mostly about holidays. Maybe you talk about it also with your children? You may find the following phrases useful:


* What are you going to do during the holidays?
I am going to stay at home.
I am going to go for a trip to …
I am going to meet …
I am going to try …
I don`t know yet.

* How long are your holidays?
My holidays start on … and last till …
April, …, is the first day of the kindergarten.

* Which is true for you?
1. My holidays are too long! I want to go to the kindergarten everyday!
2. My holidays are too short! I want more time for …
3…………….. (you can write your own option here)

* Holiday time is …
relaxing * tiring * boring * interesting * happy * sad * ….

* Tell me about the best holidays in your life!
I was … years old. I went for a trip to … / My cousin came to vsit me … / I stayed at home and had time to learn …


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