Let’s talk about toys.

During the February ‘English with Kids’ we talked mostly about toys. Here are some phrases you can use with your children when talking about this topic:



* What toys do you have?
plastic * wooden * paper * textile * metal * …
cars * trains * dolls * blocks * puzzles * …
from shops * handmade * given by grandpa * ‘inherited’ from older cousins * …

* What is your favourite toy?
Where do you have it from?
What is it like?
Why do you like it?
How do you play with it?

* What toys you don’t like?
character goods * too simple toys * ‘war toys’ * dolls * cheap toys * …

* What was the last toy that you bought for your child?
Where did you buy it?
How much was it?
Why did you buy it?
Does your child like it?
How does she / he play with it?

* Where do you keep toys in your house?
only in the childrens’ room * in different rooms
on a shelf * in a box * in a bag * in the oshiire * on the floor * …


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