Beginner’s reading: A book for Ted

From Marshall Education website:

Rose and her son, Ted, like to read books. Rose wants to buy Ted a book for his birthday. She goes to the bookstore. Rose asks the store clerk, “What is a good book for my son? He turns two on Friday.” The store clerk says, “Look for books with bright pictures. Look for books with only a few words on each page. Choose books about things your child likes.”
Rose replies, “Ted likes trucks.” The store clerk shows Rose the children’s section. Rose finds a blue and red book with lots of trucks in it. It has few words on the pages. “Ted will like this book,” Rose thinks. She buys the book for him.

The text above is taken from
Please check the website to find more good reading!

1. Read the text and check in a dictionary meanings of all new words.
2. Think of the following questions:
– What books do you like reading now?
– What picture books do you have in your house?
– When was the last time when you bought a picture book?


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