Beginner’s reading: A sick day

From Marshall Education website:

It is a school day. Ann wakes up her child, Jill. Jill feels hot. She has a fever. Jill is sick. She should not go to school. She needs to stay home and rest. The school rule is that sick children must stay home.
Ann calls the school office. She tells the school worker about Jill. The school worker thanks Ann for her call. Ann asks if there is any school work for Jill to do at home. “Yes,” says the school worker. “It will be in the school office at noon.”
The school staff knows that Jill is sick before the start of the school day. They know why Jill will not be in school.

The text above is taken from
Please check the website to find more good reading!

1. Read the text and check in a dictionary meanings of all new words.
2. Think of the following questions:
– What did Ann do on the day described in the story?
– What do you think: Why in this school should the sick children stay at home?
– What did you do when you had to stay at home instead of going to school as a primary or high school student?


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