Beginner’s reading: An obese life

From Marshall Education website:

“Mom, can we go play at the park? Please.” says Jon.
“Not today honey,” replies Mom.
“Why not?” asks Jon.
“Because it’s too hot,” she says.
“No it’s not. It’s a nice day,” says Jon.
“I wish I could take you to the park, Jon. I wish we could play there. But I’m just too tired,” Mom says.
“But you didn’t work today,” says Jon.
Mom feels bad. She wants to play with her son. Her weight prevents her from fun play days. She is obese. This makes her tired. She gets short of breath and her body aches. Being obese is not good for her or her son.

The text above is taken from here. Please check the Marshall Education website to find more good reading!

1. Read the text and check in a dictionary meanings of all new words.
2. Think of the following questions:
– What is the story about? What is its main topic / issue?
– What is Jon talking with his mother about?
– In what way “being obese is not good for her or her son”?


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