Beginner’s reading: Bikes and helmets

From Marshall Education website:

Today is Beth’s fifth birthday. She just got a new bike as a gift. She wants to ride it right now!
Dad says, “Wait. You still have one gift left to open.” Beth opens it. It is a red bike helmet. “This helmet will keep your head safe,” says Dad. “I wear one when I ride my bike. I want you to wear yours each time you ride your bike.”
“OK,” says Beth, “I will.” “Let’s ride our bikes to the park, Dad!” “OK,” says Dad. “Let’s get our helmets on.” Beth’s brother helps Beth with her helmet. With big smiles on their faces, Dad and Beth bike to the park.

The text above is taken from here. Please check the Marshall Education website to find more good reading!

1. Read the text and check in a dictionary meanings of all new words.
2. Think of the following questions:
– Do you have a bicycle? How often do you ride it? Do you use a helmet when you ride your bicycle?
– Have you ever received a really good birthday gift? What was it? Who gave you this present?

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