Beginner’s reading: Calling in sick

From Marshall Education website:

An alarm clock wakes Lynn. She gets out of bed and gets ready for work. She puts on her clothes and combs her hair. Then she lies down on the couch. Lynn does not feel well. She has a fever. Her body aches. She is sick. What should she do?
First, Lynn must call her boss. She calls and says, “Hi, Mr. Clark. This is Lynn. I am sick today. I will not be able to work.”
“I’m sorry to hear that, Lynn. Thank you for calling. I hope you feel better soon. Let me know when you will return to work,” says Mr. Clark.
“OK, I’ll call you when I am better,” says Lynn

The text above is taken from here. Please check the Marshall Education website to find more good reading!

1. In your company, what should a person do when he / she cannot come to work?
2. What do you do every morning? List five activities.
3. Retell the above story in the past tense. (“An alarm clock woke Lynn. She got out…”)


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