Beginner’s reading: Goals

From Marshall Education website:

“I want to feel better. I want to be more alive! I’m going to start jogging. This is my new goal,” thought Eve.
Eve goes to the park. She jogs to the first park bench. The next day, she
returns to the park. She thinks, “I can make it to the next one.” She does! She jogs to the second park bench. Soon she jogs the length of the whole park!
Six weeks pass. Each time Eve jogs, she sets small goals. She can now jog three lengths of the park.
One day Eve sees a sign about a 5K (5 km) run. It is at the end of the summer. Eve decides to jog in the 5K run. That is her new goal!

The text above is taken from here. Please check the Marshall Education website to find more good reading!

1. What is Eve’s new goal? When is the 5K run taking place? Where does Eve usually jog?
2. Do you have a goal in your life? What goal is it? What do you do to achieve it?
3. Retell the above story as told by Eve (“I started jogging because I wanted to feel better. First day, I went to the park…”)


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